Terms of Use

01. cancellation conditions are displayed during the booking process.

02. with his booking order, which can be made by phone, in writing, by fax or e-mail, the renter accepts the respective offer of Kaste-Holidays and its GTCs.

03. after receiving the booking confirmation the renter has to pay 50% deposit to the account of the respective host. The payment of the remaining amount must be received 14 days prior to arrival, so that the online check-in in time / the proper handover of the booked rental property and is to be handed over to the host or his representative upon arrival.

04. Kaste Holidays as agent, will be released from the obligation to perform, as far as the performance becomes impossible due to a circumstance for which Kaste Holidays is not responsible; for example due to water or fire damage in the rental object.

05. before check-in the customer has to give exact personal data incl. identity card or passport number.

06. the rental property may only be occupied by the number of persons indicated in our confirmation (children are considered a full person).

07. you will receive the keys for your rental property on the day of arrival. If not all keys are returned, the installation of a new door lock is required. The tenant bears any costs for this.

08. when taking over the rental object, the furnishings, linen, crockery and household effects are to be checked. Any damage or other defects to the rental property, if any, are to be reported to our office no later than the next day. Usual repairs are to be accepted. In urgent cases Kaste Holidays is allowed to enter the apartment. No responsibility will be taken for the belongings brought by the tenant.

09. the house rules (visible on the digital guest board) have to be respected. In case of disregard Kaste-Holidays reserves the right to terminate the tenancy.

10. in case of unforeseen failure of the internet access, be it due to technical circumstances, failure and/or line work by the internet provider, the guest has neither the right to compensation nor to reduction of the rental price.

11. pets are not allowed in the rental property. Exceptions require the written permission of Kaste Holidays.

12. the tenant is responsible for the rental property and all its furnishings. He has to treat it with care and commits himself to compensate all damages caused by him or his flatmates and to report them to Kaste Holidays immediately.

13. the check-out date must be respected, as new guests may move into the rental property on the same day and we must have a thorough cleaning done beforehand. In case of a late handing over of the keys, the owner must reserve the right to claim an additional day's rent and possible claims for damages due to the late handing over of the rental object to the following vacation guests.

Status: 01.09.2022